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Зараз у компанії неробочий час. Замовлення та повідомлення будуть оброблені з 10:00 найближчого робочого дня (сьогодні).

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Скупка і викуп електроніки, офісної техніки. Ремонт і утилізація техніки, комп'ютерів, телевізорів

We buy IT used equipment. Reuse and Resell programm. Recycle old laptop for Cash

We are an ewaste recycling company that can be helpful for everyone looking for a right way of how to get rid of IT used equipment. We specialize in buying and refurbishing old or non-working electronics including mobile phones, flat screen monitors, televisions, printers, desktop and laptop computers, etc.

  • Our main mission is to reuse and resell electric devices, what is economically and environmentally beneficial for each part.
  • Our company give any person a chance to earn on ewaste dump, thus to partly compensate the purchase of a new device.
  • Our clients are residents of various countries, even so if you live in Europe, North or South America you can still sell your used electronics for a good price.
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